A big thank you to the people below for their kind words. We've worked through some exciting and challenging problems together and - We've had a lot of fun along the way.

"From the start, John was really enthusiastic and incisive in understanding our aims. I have to say, he was brilliant working with our team and engaging them in the art of what was possible. That was a big measure of success-getting the backing of the senior leadership and the Board.

It is often said, but John genuinely possesses a rare curiosity that breeds ideas and creativity, and blends that with sound business acumen. Just as importantly, he understands the human condition and what people really value in terms of experiences, which means he’s always validating what works and how it communicates. For us, the London Symphony Orchestra, and our audiences, we ended up with a truly transformative experience.”
Brian Moran
Digital producer
London Symphony Orchestra

“Over the last decade, as an Associate of the Design Council, I have had the pleasure of working with John and Wire on several significant projects. His unerring ability to understand the client and their needs, to quickly analyze complex problems and determine a solution direction has helped Wire win countless pitches and produce work of a quality that my clients have always been delighted with.

His understanding of brand and digital technology, his ability to get the most out of his team and above all his pragmatic approach to problem solving means Wire are always first on any pitch list I am putting together and over the years John himself has become an invaluable sounding board on projects I work on, design and non-design related.

I rate John as one of the best I have worked with over my career and cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Colum Lowe
Head of Design and Human Factors NHS
Director - Design Age Institute RCA

"I have worked with John many times over the years. His approach to each project has appeared deceptively simple and has always achieved superb results. He has the rare quality of being able to steer a job to a successful conclusion while allowing the participants creative freedom. He is a
top class creative producer."

Paul Spencer
Film Director and Photographer

"I have known John Corcoran since the early days of the Challenge Workshops Programme which I ran at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art from 2000 – 2012. 

John was a regular contributor to the activities of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, always willing to be a professional mentor to students and collaborators giving advice that is expert and memorable couched as it is in his inimitable sense of humour. What impressed me greatly then and continues to do with John is his determination to make a difference through the use of design. 

His willingness to research and understand why design fails and how it can be improved in collaboration with disabled people. These qualities and his deep personal commitment to the use of design as a tool for social inclusion and transformation are outstanding.
I unhesitatingly recommend him and feel that any organisation that employs his skills should count themselves extremely fortunate.”

Professor Julia Casim
Kyoto Design Lab
Kyoto Institute of Technology

'I knew I needed to find a designer who had significant experience and empathy with social causes. I was recommended John Corcoran. He had all of this and more.
I asked John if he thought that the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi-Sabi could be employed in some way. John immediately ‘got it’ and set about creating the beautiful and very meaningful logo we have today.

John listened to what I was hoping to achieve and then translated it into website visuals and scripts that work very well together — and he was open to challenge and change too! The end-result has been much applauded." 

James Partridge OBE
Founder - Face Equality International
Founder - Changing Faces

"Since 2014, Peter and John at Wire have worked closely with myself and the team at MyPain for all our design needs - from initial brand messaging and creative concepts through to fully applied, detailed design for print, exhibition, websites and mobile applications. 

Very few design companies we came across, were able to grasp the complexities of the work that we do. However, we have found the ideal design partners in Wire. Their ideas, creativity and ability to understand and simplify complex issues help us in presenting our projects in a clear, concise and coherent way to our stakeholders and clients. 

They have never failed to deliver and their attention to detail and quality of work is second to none. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and we continue to benefit from their expertise.”
Rahul Seewal
CEO MyPain Ltd.​​​​​​​

"At best, we expected interesting and edgy design that would appeal to a younger audience. What we ended up with was 15,000 new, young members in just two weeks and unprecedented national coverage."
Tim Finch
Communications Director
Refugee Council

"Wire Design was superb to partner with on our initiative to improve the detection of hypertension in primary care. They took the time to visit our member practices, understand the current state and create tools tailored to overcome the issues unique to the environment and specific to the goals we had agreed to achieve. Their creative work was excellent as was their attention to measuring improvement. Throughout this process they were enthusiastic, flexible, receptive to feedback and committed to making this project a success."
Meher Shergill
Project Director
Camden Clinical Commissioning Group

"I cannot recommend John, and the team at Wire highly enough. Not only have I found them to be on time and to budget but, more importantly, have always found that they add significant value to our projects by taking an active interest in what we are trying to achieve and taking it to the next level. 

John has a tremendous ability to take complex ideas, break them down to their core components, and re-frame them in a way that is intuitive and highly engaging for our stakeholders."
Belinda Egan
Global Communications Director
Ingeus Group

"I had the pleasure of working with Wire on our recent rebrand of our Design Fund. I found them to be an incredibly creative team, very capable and easy to work with. John is a great leader and supported us through the project always adding value and pushing our thinking. They demonstrated a clear ability to work with complex problems, within tight timescales and to a defined budget. 
We are extremely happy with the outcome and we look forward to working with them again sometime in the future."
Sonya Dahl
Head of Design (DLP)
Design Council

"Wire have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’d like to draw particular attention to their responsiveness, delivery within timescales and budget. Most importantly, their ability to challenge convention and deliver leading design and cutting edge thinking resulted in us having a world class product"
James Surachera
Marketing Manager
Newham Council

"The identity has added value, with many comments on the beautiful design of restaurant items, creating a brand-image of quality in all areas. To put it simply, without our identity we wouldn’t be where we are today."
David Moore
Owner Pied-a-Terre
2 Michelin star restaurant

"The campaign has had a really positive effect on all the staff. It is exactly what we are looking for and demonstrates a more sophisticated level of empathy and understanding for our clients."
Alan Nichols
Communications Director
British Pregnancy Advisory Service

"One of the original things about Wire that impressed us was their ability to simplify complex information and situations; this keeps proving to be the case, in any challenge we give them, and under increasingly tight deadlines."
Kura Perkins
Communications Manager
Elephant & Castle Regeneration

"A lot of design agencies pay lip service to how they think outside the box and stretch creative boundaries, but this often fails to translate to the final product. Wire provided a well thought-out rationale behind all of their ideas, which remained at the core of the entire design process, from initial concepts to print.
I was impressed by the creativity that they brought to the table and the fact that they weren’t afraid to challenge our preconceptions of what would work best. They are confident, professional and passionate about great design, all of which came across in the Annual Review that we produced."
James Cundy
Communications Manager
Ingeus UK

"John, I can't thank you enough. The solution is brilliant! We’ve been trying to find a way of communicating this agenda to commercial partners for months, then you just walk in and make sense of it in a couple of days."
Chris Adams
Project Director (RFID)
The Home Office

Listen to the brilliant Simon Miny & Phil Friend talk to John about all things - Inclusive Design, Brand and Sooty & Sweep on Spotify.

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