Welcome to Basil, a new organisation founded by John B Corcoran to help 'good' organisations to make a bigger and better impact.

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These are exciting (and challenging) times. To paraphrase Nietzsche - 'The organisations that have survived today are in a better position to thrive in the future.' 

There has never been a more urgent need to address the inequalities that have been exposed and exaggerated by the pandemic. This is the perfect time to rethink, regroup and refocus.

I'm going to be working with some exceptionally talented people and prestigious partners under the new name of Basil. Basil is my middle name. It was my late dad's name, and it acts as a constant reminder of the values he drummed into me over the years 'Work Hard', 'Have Fun', and 'Be Nice - To Everyone!'

If you are a small organisation with big ambitions or a big business that is stuck, I can help — contact@basil.org.uk

John B Corcoran​​​​​​​
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